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Download YouTube ReVanced MOD APK v18.20.39 [Premium, Ad-free Access]


30 May 2023 (4 months ago)

App Name YouTube ReVanced
Latest Version v18.20.39
Last Updated 30 May 2023
Publisher revanced.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Entertainment
Size 90 MB
Google Playstore
4.2 Rating (13)


we all use youtube, a platform that has more than 2 billion users and is used by everyone else in the world. As a result of the usefulness of this app in our daily lives, i'm going to show you another app like it today: youtube revanced. Then, let's get started; we will discuss our topic, in addition to the features it possesses and how to make use of it. Because youtube does not impose any fees on its users, we are able to acquire any knowledge we desire there at no cost. Youtube hosts a vast library of videos that can be accessed by users for a variety of purposes, including entertainment, education, and the acquisition of new skills. Therefore, if you could, please explain how you utilise youtube in the feedback section. Additionally, you can work together to share your recordings with other people so that they can gain knowledge from you. This app not only enables you to make money, but it also enables you to upload as many movies as you'd like to youtube. You have the option of uploading a video to youtube that serves as a documentation of your gameplay blog. If you so desire, you can even use youtube as a stepping stone to a successful career.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

When we are trying to watch videos on youtube, we are frequently interrupted by advertisements, which greatly irritates us. We are unable to play youtube videos in the background, which is another thing that is very disappointing. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as a result of the fact that we have supplied you with a programme that enables you to watch videos without being interrupted by commercials. In addition, video can be played in the background if desired. Because youtube revanced mod apk has so many features, you won't have to worry about being interrupted while you watch videos on the platform. The previous version of youtube advanced is no longer accessible to users. If you have ever used youtube advanced, you are already familiar with the platform and all of the capabilities that it offers. New features have been added to youtube since it was last updated. This variant can be used effectively.

What is youtube revanced mod apk:

we definitely open youtube once a day, but the reason we come to youtube, we need to remember because of advertising. Youtube also gives you premium services like block and many more but you have to pay for it. If you want to use these features without paying, then you can use the youtube revanced mod apk. Providing you this app premium features for free, you will not have to pay any amount for it. So it depends on you whether you want to use premium features by paying or for free. Youtube revanced mod apk provides many features like ad block, playing video in the background, swipe control, auto playback speed, and many more. You can download this app without any problem and use it at the same time, it is ideal for all those users who like to watch videos without stopping.


if you are watching videos on youtube, then it is sure that you will be distracted by advertisements. Ad block is the most important feature of this app. Yo u can enjoy your videos without stopping through this app. Youtube revanced mod apk will block all incoming advertisements so that you will not get to see a single advertisement. You don't need to buy youtube premium for this

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK

play the video in the background:

this is another feature that you will not see on youtube, but you can use these features in this app. With this feature, you can play the video in the background. If you are doing some work and want to do videos together, then youtube revanced mod apk is for you. Due to this feature, you can do 2 tasks simultaneously.

Watch pro content

this app has amazing series! I started with all the seasons of younger and then moved on to why women killboth are amazing. The only issue with this app is that it doesn't retain my last seen time; it restarts the whole episode from the beginning, which is quite irritating.

Control panel:

in youtube revanced mod apk you get a flexible control panel in youtube revanced mod apk, by which you can adjust the brightness and volume by sliding the app accordingly. You will get to see this app in many apps, but youtube does not provide these features, but you will get to see these features here.

Customize screen:

in youtube revanced mod apk customizing the video-watching interface can improve your viewing experience. You can customize the video player's height, and as well as resolution, and aspect ratio to your liking. You can also add, alter the playing speed, and manage the level. You can use these features in tyoutube revanced mod apk.


users can easily browse youtube revanced mod apk thanks to its comparable interface to the original youtube. The recognizable red and white color scheme is present, and features are positioned logically for simple access. To accommodate different tastes, the software also provides movable bright and dark themes.

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK


if you do your work on youtube all day long, then this app youtube revanced mod apk is for you; you can watch videos without having to pause them. Youtube advanced mod apk is very useful. Because you are the target audience for this app, you are obligated to test it out and make use of its features. Download this app, and have fun with it. Additionally, it is a specialised version of youtube that provides additional features to enhance the viewing experience for the user.

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