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State of Survival

State of Survival MOD APK v1.19.10 [MENU MOD, Unlimited Skill, High Damage]

FunPlus International AG.

24 May 2023 (4 months ago)

App Name State of Survival
Latest Version v1.19.10
Last Updated 24 May 2023
Publisher FunPlus International AG.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Strategy
Size 190 MB
Google Playstore
4.6 Rating (17)


state of survival mod apk is an excellent game with fantastic graphics and game play, with lots of variety in activities and ways to advance. Joining or creating a strong alliance is a must. It's a great way to get out the frustrations of day-to-day life, just take it all out on the z's! If you don't join or create a strong alliance, you will struggle to level up. Survive and deal with the zombies by arranging resources and developing lifestyle. It's a freemium, however, i personally dislike the fact that if you don't pay, it will take you forever to get to level 30 hq, the highest basic level before the special ones, plasma levels (that have 5 sub-levels to upgrade to the next one). Some of these take more than a month to upgrade, which is insane if you don't spend cash on speedups. It's a fun game that frequently adds new content otherwise.

State of Survival MOD APK

State of survival mod apk adds new characters that you can get without spending money, but the fastest way is, of course, to buy packs with real money. There are no characters that can only be obtained with money; you just have to watch out for voucher events. There is a running storyline and side stories that keep it interesting. You would like to see more interactive battles where you could actually control the troops and use some real strategies, but it's still entertaining for what it is. I have had a great experience with the game so far, especially with the characters, leveling up buildings, and playing trials. There's a lot you can do as a f2p player. I do wish there was an overhaul to the alliance ranking system, though. The fact that alliance members have to be r4 to contribute to alliance growth/research is ridiculous. With all the power r4 has, you would only want a handful of people to be in that position.

State of survival mod apk

state of survival mod apk is an alternate version to help you in the journey. Because, be warned that to be a top player you will need to spend a lot of money in the late game. Enjoying playing the game, it has options to buy backs, but at the moment i don't see any need to. All your training, re-surging and tasks don't take a long, dragged-out session, but as of right now, its addictive; i didn't think it was going to be, but it is, and there are lots of things to keep you busy for hours. It's a great app; i love how easy it is to use if you pay attention to what it tells you. It may seem like a lot of info, but you really just need to get absorbed, and maybe read the info board of how to. But dont worry at all because now here in this modified version you will be getting your hands on amost every premium stuuf with unlimited money and coins at your hand. Enjoy ad free gameplay with not much disturbance and show your skills. It's a good, solid game so far and i'm having a great time playing it. The gameplay is fun, the characters are interesting, and the voice acting is great. I'd highly recommend giving the prologue a shot, at least. This is a really fun game that goes quite deep in terms of levels, story, and overall game experience, from what i can tell.

State of Survival MOD APK

Events, multiplayer and fun

state events really make it feel like a bigger multi-player game, and you will need to invest lots of time and money if you want to be top dog in your state. The advertising is misleading in terms of the gameplay you might expect. However, the game gets better as you go along. This game is a lifestyle for many, and overall it is pretty cool; building an army, upgrading, resource gathering, etc. This game is very fun, and definitely one of the best base-building games out there. There are lots of events to keep yourself busy with.

Manage your own world

it's great if you like running a civilization and alliance-based system, which could be a bit better by simply engaging treaties and no-attack orders which can be just applied with a code to a treaty board with an alliance, which should send an effect to not attack the alliance, switching attack to support. If you like to build defences, manage your troops, collect heroes, and upgrade them, then this is the game for you. It features zombie fighting and rescues, and an interesting tower defence.

Interaction with strangers and friends

there are a few toxic people, but mostly a bunch of good people to interact and play with. Developers are very engaged with the players, providing quick replies to feedback, polls for future stuff, etc. There are pay options, but you can easily play this game completely free (with multiple freebies), although it may take a little longer to level up once you get higher up... But it doesn't feel greedy if that makes sense.

State of Survival MOD APK

Final words

state of survival mod apk is amazing with its graphics are really good, plus the infected (zombies) are really cool because each and every one of them is different; some games you may have played have the same things over and over again. I have tried many similar games and this is by far the best in terms of quality and fun. Overall, this game is awesome! Interesting graphics and storylines, good game mechanics and plenty of ancillary tasks to keep busy with. There are many different ways to earn supplies, boosts, and other items. Get its mod version right now.

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