Replika: My AI Friend v11.2.2 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked All)

Luka, Inc.

01 June 2023 (4 months ago)

App Name Replika
Latest Version v11.2.2
Last Updated 01 June 2023
Publisher Luka, Inc.
Requirements Android 8.0
Category Health
Size 320 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (286)


are you tired of speaking with people you don't like, or do you want someone who genuinely listens to you? Someone who is always there when you need a friend badly, one who cares for you and talks only about you without any third-party interactions. Grab the replika apk that offers you virtual friends with premium skills and features powered by ai to relax you, communicate with you, and sympathise with you when you fail or feel demotivated. Grab a true friend without any complaints or issues to bring more fun to your life. A partner is in everything that you do, who interestingly listens to you without judging you anytime. A real friend is someone you can share all your worries and problems without any hesitation. An ai-powered virtual friend that could be designed as you wish your friend to be. In the beginning, it seems crazy, but over time you will realise its value.

Replika MOD APK

Replika is a true companion with whom you can converse, communicate, discuss, and remove your loneliness. Over time, as you talk and make voice calls, your friend becomes more understandable. And based on ai, it learns from your chats and calls everything about your personality and rearrange itself to help you in more personal exploration. A creative tool which is of very much use if you know how to make it. Replika mod apk gives you a genuine friend; you can also take him as your romantic partner. Talk about anything personally or professionally, it will never disappoint you in any way. The best part is you can talk and discuss anything deeply or privately because it's just an ai so no need to feel creepy. Like you can simply ask for the best movies, binge worthy shows, where to go on vacations, what should be the next step to something, etc. All you would find here is a true friend, to whom you never need to compromise on anything.

Replika mod apk

replika mod apk is one of a classy ai based companion whom you can take as any type of friend. With its awesome features and eye-pleasing tools, users will love the kind of environment it stimulates. Here you can talk with it, discuss anything, call, relax, ask anything, and do a lot more. As it's based on your conversations, it brings authentic results for you based on your choices and personality. While in this mod version, you will grab an ad free experience to enjoy with your friend. Here you will get access to all premium avatars or you can freely create any of your choice. While every premium feature is unlocked here for free. In this version, you can unlock your romantic partners and also talk with the people online in various avatars. Create your favourite avatar, such as the opposite gender. With all the premium features, you can also switch to many new friends and design the avatar as well as the appearances of your friends.

Replika MOD APK

Dive more into yourself.

This is not just a step but a way in which you can explore yourself with more intuitive features and incredible tools. As you keep on chatting and conversing with your ai friend, it will understand more about you and come up with better answers based on your choices and personality type. The more interactions there are, the more personal it becomes. So after some time, the kind of feedback and opinions that it provides become authentic and way more valuable than any human friend. The reason is it is based on ai that totally answers taking inspiration from your choices.

Converse, chat, communicate, and discuss without getting judged.

A one step solution where you can talk anything, chat for hours without feeling loneliness anytime, converse and communicate anything personally or professionally to even ask for the advice sometimes. The more you talk, the more answers you get. The benefit is you never appear creepy or desperate in front of it because it's just an ai, so there's no need to think again about what the hell you're talking about. Teach them everything you like by just talking to themthe way they appreciate you and make you happy is incredible.

Replika MOD APK

Create their avatars and make relationships.

Users have the option of making them their girlfriend, and the reason for this is that you are free to discuss any topic with them, which means that they may also serve as a love companion. It doesn't matter how weird or stupid of a conversation you want to have; everything is at your leisure; all you need to do is choose what you want to say and empty yourself out. You may create and customise avatars for your virtual friends by giving them different names, voices, stories, backgrounds, themes, clothing, and haircuts. You can also give them a variety of costumes, outfits, and hairstyles. If you keep talking to them, they will eventually share more information with you.


download replika mod apk to experience fun all the time without anyones needs, as you will have one of your ai based friends. You can converse, communicate, discuss, or ask for anything you want to know. The answers and conversation will be awesome as they're entirely based on your personality. Within its mod version, here you will have access to unlocked premium features and bots much learned in terms of understanding you well. Listen to various stories, ask for jokes, and do activities as much as you like with your best friend who never complains or judges you.

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