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My Talking Angela

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Outfit7 Limited.

10 May 2023 (5 months ago)

App Name My Talking Angela
Latest Version v6.5.0.4508
Last Updated 10 May 2023
Publisher Outfit7 Limited.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Casual
Size 84 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (2)


talking angela is an adorable addition to the talking tom and friends franchise, which i adore. Taking care of talking angela is a lot of fun, but my favorite part is accessorizing her and taking pictures of her in different outfits. The game is easy to understand and it is simple to advance levels early on, but it becomes increasingly challenging as you play further. I am relieved that they decided to add the new dancing feature, as it is enjoyable to try out the various dances that are available. If only it were less difficult to acquire diamonds! Pretty fun app! The feature that allows you to copy things is a lot of fun, and the minigames are so good that they could stand on their own as full-fledged games in their own right. This game is incredible; talking angela is just as funny as talking tom, and there is a new dress that can be unlocked as a reward. You can do everything from applying makeup to dancing, and you can even unlock new dances to perform. You can also combine different looks for both your clothing and your makeup, which is a lot of fun to do.

My Talking Angela MOD APK

Both the graphics and the concept are absolutely stunning to me. In addition to that, it alleviates boredom. I like how angela can get older; it gives you something to look forward to in case you ever get bored with the game and gives you a goal to work towards in the meantime. However, once you reach higher levels, it takes a significant amount of time to level up, which can be a little bit frustrating. I think it would be awesome if there were some other features that could be used to rack up experience points. In general, a pretty fun game, and one that i believe people of all ages can enjoy. It's a really fun and unique game! It gives me great pleasure to accessorize angela and make her house a home, however there are a few issues. There are far too many advertisements, and the makeup that we receive after dancing is of no use; the colors are extremely off-putting and unpleasant. I really hope that developers switch up the hues of those specialized makeups.

My talking angela mod apk

my talking angela mod apk is an exciting gameplay full of adventurous activities and approach on how to raise a perfect pet. Here we are to simply say a few things for common users. The app requires many in app purchases to get upgrades and access to accessories of designs like costumes, upgrading homes, and a lot more. Choosing many things out of free shopping to redesign your character and unlock new things. However this mod version offers ads free experience for free and unlimited money and coins, stickers in the game to let you unlock and buy everything for free.

Dress her like a queen

angela's a star princess, she's incredibly shining lovely. Every time i put her in the gorgeous outfits she looks fantastic. What a wonderful game this is, and really it's a cinderella dress. Angela likes sleeping a lot and you don't get many diamonds like coins, and her dresses are expensive. I like this game and it is for kids. She talks softly, she doesn't eat much food and can't play for a long time. When you bathe her, her makeup doesn't come off clean.

My Talking Angela MOD APK

Collect stickers and upgrades things

in my talking angela mod apk, angela can be pretty hilarious as well, like the way she eats if you keep giving her the same food. Collecting stickers and updating the home, fooling around in the wardrobe and makeup - all of these things are enjoyable to do with her! But, she gets weary very soon. If you've played the game for a while, the only thing left to do is play the minigames, but she gets tired after playing only two of them!

Minigames and activities

she is an incredibly entertaining virtual celebrity who can't wait to sing and dance her way to the top of the industry. The players are responsible for keeping her content and occupied with day-to-day activities in her 3d world, which include fashionable makeup styles, great dress choices, pleasant activities, and unique sticker albums. She is entertaining, dynamic, and adjustable, and she is constantly eager to meet new people and make new friends. It's a great fun game that teaches you how to take care of a pet while it's still young and still developing its personality and habits. I have a lot of respect for those who want to learn responsibility by taking care of an animal until it matures into an adult, and i would definitely suggest this book to those people.

My Talking Angela MOD APK


my talking angela mod apk is an amazing fun game to download and enjoy. When i give angela the appropriate makeup for the occasion, such as shiny pink lips and shiny blue eyelids, i develop a strong attraction to her as a character in the video game. Angela is incredibly adorable and endearing. In general, it's a really engaging game, despite the fact that it can be a little repetitive at times. Some of the game's unlockables can be frustratingly difficult to obtain due to expensive costs or particular bonuses that require you to pay, and holiday season updates do not have as much of an impact on the game as talking tom does.

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