MX Player

MX Player v1.66.1 MOD APK (No Ads/Gold/VIP Unlocked) for Android

MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive).

30 May 2023 (4 months ago)

App Name MX Player
Latest Version v1.66.1
Last Updated 30 May 2023
Publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive).
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Video Players Editors
Size 45 MB
Google Playstore
4.8 Rating (26)


everyone in this modern world wants to spend their time entertaining themselves with movies, songs, videos, and a wide variety of other forms of media. Mx player is an option worth considering if you are a man in search of an app that provides access to a wide variety of different forms of entertainment media. After installing mx player, you will have access to an incredible video player app that enables you to effortlessly download a wide variety of movies and watch them. The absolute best part about this is that the extreme player has a global media search bar that gives you access to a wide variety of movies, videos, and songs that you can easily browse through. Even though there are a lot of different media player apps available right now on the market, the fundamental issue is that each and every one of them has pointless advertisements. But if you use our modification, you won't have to worry about advertisements at all because it won't show any to you. In addition, the user interface of the app has been fine-tuned and polished to a high degree, making for a pleasant experience regardless of the movie, song, or video being viewed. In most cases, a special sponsored by mx player is incorporated into this media player app in the form of one or more shows. Therefore, if you do not have any problems, it will not be difficult for you to go for this app, which provides the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited amount of entertainment without any interruptions.


Mx player mod apk

the mx player app has a number of different alternate versions, and one of the best ones that are currently available in the world of mod apk is the mx player mod apk. If you are a college girl who wants to enjoy the latest movies, videos, and many different kinds of entertainment, then this mod apk will be the great choice for you because it provides you with all unlimited premium features for free without even charging a single penny. Since we all know that most of the youth doesn't cause any amount of money, this mod apk is perfect for you.

These mx player mod apk benefits are sure to blow your mind.

The very best aspect of mx player mod apk is the fact that it will provide you with a wide variety of unfair premium advantages at no cost. Even the user interface is very simple, but the best part about mx player mod apk is that it gives you access to many premium features without charging you for them.Even the user interface is straightforward, making it possible to quickly and easily navigate all of the necessary functions and features after spending only a few minutes doing so.

High-definition graphics

the graphics in this mx player mod apk are of the highest quality and run very smoothly. Even all of the movies and videos that you watch will have full hd graphics without any degradation of the pixels in any way.

Free access to an unlimited amount of content

you don't have to spend a single dime to have a good time because there are countless movies, songs, comedy videos, motivational videos, web series, and shows that you can watch.

Get as much enjoyment out of it offline as you do online.

You can, in fact, save any of the videos or movies to your computer and watch them whenever you have some spare time. For example, if you do not have the time to watch a live series or source, you have the option to either download it or watch it at a later time. Yes, the vast majority of media files give you the option to download your favourite shows so that you can watch them whenever you want, wherever you want, and even when you're not connected to the internet.


Take pleasure in watching all of your favourite shows and web series.

It doesn't matter if you are a child or a middle-aged man; this app typically updates with new episodes of web series on a daily basis. There are many of these series. This app is still enjoyable for you regardless of the genre or preferences you have. This mx player app features a wide selection of shows appropriate for audiences of all ages and both sexes.

Multiple languages

yes, the content of this mx player mod apk is available in a variety of languages, and as a result, you are able to watch your favourite television shows and movies in the language in which they were originally spoken. These languages include tamil, telugu, hindi, english, spanish, and a great number of others. The best part is that you can watch only videos and movies in your native language, and they will also have subtitles.

The top web series from around the world

this app is perfect for you if you like to watch web series on the internet. You will be able to watch a variety of korean web series through this app, such as rich man and the angels, warrior spirit, and a lot of other korean web series. Aside from this, you can also watch some of the most iconic web series ever made in japan or the united states.

Numerous live television channels

if you are a fan of television, then you should definitely download this app because it will give you access to a wide variety of television channels, including india tv, sport tv, star plus, aaj tak, and many more. Therefore, even if you are a conventional guy who likes to watch period dramas, you might find that this application is extremely helpful for you.


after downloading the mx player mod apk, you will have free access to an unlimited amount of premium content, including the ability to download and save any video, access to all tv channels, unlocking all pro features, and much more.

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