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Manok Na Pula MOD APK v6.5 (Unlimited Money, Eye, Max Level 999)


02 February 2023 (8 months ago)

App Name Manok Na Pula
Latest Version v6.5
Last Updated 02 February 2023
Publisher TATAY.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 80 MB
Google Playstore
4.6 Rating (57)


despite possessing a significant portion of the game's playable content, there are still gaps for newbies to complete when they eventually arrive. One of these games is manok na pula apk, which provides you with the opportunity to engage in combat with your opponents using a 5-on-5 format. In this section, you start off with chickens that have lower power than the rest of your characters, but as the game advances and new upgrades become available, these characters become extremely powerful and are armed with amazing weapons. When you train your chickens to fight dangerous monsters and opponents, the game will grant you access to a higher level of combat, which you may experience for yourself. With beneficial features and skills that may be unlocked as the player progresses through the game and earns money. The competition encourages players to develop more effective methods and adds an element of excitement. The sensation provided by the game is quite remarkable, what with its incredible arsenal of weapons and the fact that players are armed with their own eyes.

Manok Na Pula MOD APK

The manok na pula has a gameplay that is built on action and moves at a rapid speed. It also has an exceptional battle system where you have to fight for your own existence. The battles in which you engage in 5 vs. 5 are fought one-on-one against each of your opponents, and at the beginning of each match, you are given 3 lives and 2 eyes. Your chickens won't survive without eyes, so it's critical that you concentrate on the specifics rather than trying to get a general sense of the situation. You have access to a variety of powerful weapons in manok na pula, and you are able to utilise them while engaged in combat. Despite its excellent tools and enhancements, the most cutting-edge benefit it offers is the ability to endow chickens with superpowers. Your team will be able to go to new levels if it is equipped with remarkable equipment such as long-range attacks, dynamite, short-range firearms, weaponry, high speed boosts, and many more of these kinds of things. When it comes to playing this epic game of interaction, newest aspects bring with them map navigation and perks.

Manok na pula mod apk

here it is, the manok na pula mod apk, which includes premium tools and components that can be used to take part in lethal battles and clashes against other players. In order to combat the equally powerful foes, you will require some actual weaponry as well as a sight that has been exceptionally well built. While the free version does have certain in-app purchases that cost money, the basic version does not. The users of this modded version are provided with an unlimited amount of money, allowing them to unlock premium weapons and tools, as well as new upgrades and skills, and a great deal more content. Preventing all types of adverts from appearing and providing players with a clutter-free setting will allow them to concentrate on having fun for as long as possible. Unlock more powerful weapons and more sophisticated equipment, such as bombs and speed boosts, to finish off your foes. Eyes are an essential component of the game; if your hens only have a certain amount of them, then they will be automatically eliminated from the competition. As a result, we provide a limitless number of eyes so that you can experience a real conflict without missing out on any equipment.

Manok Na Pula MOD APK

Chickens will provide you with a high level of competition.

The gameplay consists of exceptional conflicts pitting five players against one other in a combat format known as "five vs five. " you have to choose some of the most exceptional battles so that you can use hens of superior quality that have more potent fighting qualities. Take good care of the eyeballs and lives that have been given to you because as you advance in the game, you will be given an increasing amount of tools and accessories.

Super upgrades and potent boosts to take your battles to the next level.

With the highest possible level of gameplay to make a statement about your presence. In this game, you will need to make timely improvements to your hens and design their avatars by selecting from a wide variety of available accessories. You may create your hens and give them special skills by earning money and unlocking new design tools in this game. Over time, you will earn access to potent upgrades and boosts that will turn your chickens into a monstrous force that will sever the heads of your adversaries.

Manok Na Pula MOD APK

Superior means of protection against several monstrous foes

the game provides its players with a high level of convenience by matching them up with the appropriate weaponry at the precise moments when such weapons are required during combat. At first, you will only have access to more basic powers, such as dynamite and standard bombs. You will get access to some uncommon and powerful weapons and tools as you move further into the game. These are made available to you so that you can equip them and gain an advantage over your rivals. Unlock the rarest quality of solid boost and epic tools to use on your enemies to break them. While you can also design avatars and the appearance of your characters by choosing new ones or applying accessories, you can't do both at the same time.


you can experience a more powerful war against monster chickens by downloading the manok na pula mod apk, which comes with extreme features and expanded tools. Playing an extraordinarily well-defined game with your hens and their eyes, new upgrades, and improved powers all come into play. With this tweaked version, you may still have a great time despite the fact that resources are scarce because it comes with a wide variety of unlockable accessories and tools that are provided at no cost.

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