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Dude Theft Wars

Download Dude Theft Wars MOD APK v0.9.0.9a4 [Unlimited Money, God Mode, Menu]

Poxel Studios Games.

31 May 2023 (4 months ago)

App Name Dude Theft Wars
Latest Version v0.9.0.9a4
Last Updated 31 May 2023
Publisher Poxel Studios Games.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 210 MB
Google Playstore
4.9 Rating (12)


dude theft war game is a true hit. It's incredibly enjoyable and reminiscent of gta v (grand theft auto five), but with some variations, such as models, graphics, maps, and more. The game could use some enhancements regarding the npcs, as when you shoot them in a store, they tend to run through walls and you cannot pursue them. The dude theft war mod apk game also offers a fantastic multiplayer mode, allowing you to team up with your friends, go on missions and complete various tasks. The game is really fun and engaging and it is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. Additionally, it offers great replay value and keeps you coming back for more. It really is a great game and it deserves all the praise it has been receiving. Overall, this game is great. The only thing that is truly awesome is when gamers get into a cutscene that they can't skip. This can be annoying if you accidentally load the same cutscene twice or if you don't care about the story. The multiplayer is okay; they have something like tabg where you can say a phrase using only three predetermined words.

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

Dude theft war mod apk

this dude theft war mod apk game has a lot of potential with its all pro benefits and no ads. With many different types of vehicles and a huge map to explore, this game is a no-brainer. It's pretty goofy with all the dances and cutscenes. Some astonishing unfair advantages with the game is that after you explore all the areas and do all the missions, there is nothing else to do besides kill people. It feels very amazing apart from this; you can add more minigames, more places to pick up cash, and more cars/people. Now, i'm just gonna get straight to the point. There are many awesome things i found in the dude theft war mod apk when i first played the game, such as npcs going through walls and also they don't drive on the right side of the road. First of all in dude theft war mod apk, you can make a way to add friends and play a match with them without anybody else. Second, i would like for npcs to form gangs and if you attack one gang member, the others attack you. Third, i would like for npcs to try to attack you and you can call the police or other gangsters to come deal with the situation.

1 million stars rated game

this dude theft war mod apk game is one of the best games i've ever played on mobile. Finally one of those games that actually advertises how it actually is, i thought it would be some level based game but i was surprised to see awesome free roam, interactions in game, it's so amazing. The graphics and animations are beautiful, it's like playing a console game. The game mechanics are fluid and responsive and the game is so much fun to play. I actually think the game is better than the trailer shows it to be, i would give this game 1 million stars. The storyline is captivating and the character development is really interesting. The sound design is great and the music is really nice.

Unfair advantages of dude theft war mod apk

drive a car over 60 mph

in this mod apk you can make the cops harder to escape. Currently, all you need to do to escape is drive a car over 60 mph for a couple of seconds and the cops instantly lose you. Make it so the cops will check your whole general area (about the whole island you were on) and have helicopters fly over the ocean to also look for you before they give up.

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

Get weapons that do more damage

you can easily give the cops better weapons that do more damage in his mod apk. The sniper on the helicopter should take away about a fourth of your health per shot, and the police should be able to shoot you to death in about 15 shots. Also, give the swat guys shotguns or something, because they should have better weapons than the police.

Epic gameplay

the gameplay is good overall, but there are a few issues. The mountain bike in the duber app isn't spawning properly and instead is spawning the old bike. Furthermore, the tesla has a broken normal camera. Additionally, the multiplayer is bugged on certain maps, such as jack, parkour, and noobtown. The parkour map has caused the map to become no longer as it overwrites the sandbox map, resulting in players spawning in the blue void. This range of issues has resulted in a slightly poorer user experience. To try to improve the overall quality, developers should look into fixing these issues as soon as possible.

Multiplayer mode gameplay

though there are some things really interesting to me in the dude theft wars mod apk gameplay: the police go through buildings and mountains, when it turns to night it's very hard to see and you can't skip it, and the stunt mode is a bit hard to use. In the future, gamers are hoping we will have a multiplayer mode where we can fight other players and maybe do missions. Moreover, if you want to be able to use items found in the stores or on the ground and attack with them, you can also be able to rob the stores and get money.

Dude Theft Wars MOD APK

Final words

dude theft war mod apk is all here unfair advantages in the dude theft war mod apk, which make the game better. Firstly, if glass were to break. Secondly, a throw button that damages if the object picked up hits somebody. Lastly, $1000 is rewarded for each mission.

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