Dragon City

Download Dragon City MOD APK v23.3.0 [Unlimited Money] for Android

Social Point.

23 March 2023 (4 days ago)

App Name Dragon City
Latest Version v23.3.0
Last Updated 23 March 2023
Publisher Social Point.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Size 170 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (2)


the extraordinary gameplay, which is packed with excellent features and amazing tools, along with the beautiful elements of the game, allow you to take pleasure in the most improved version of the dragon city game. On this deserted island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy hatching dragon eggs in a variety of locations. In this location, you will be required to continue exploring new areas in order to locate dragon eggs and bring your own personal dragon army into existence. About a thousand distinct types of dragons may be found in dragon city mod apk, each with its own set of skills and capabilities, level of strength, and specific magical talents. You will obtain a unique combination of powerful characteristics from each one of them. Nevertheless, in addition to this, there are a lot of other fun things to do in the game. When you have successfully hatched these dragon eggs, you will need to take care of the baby dragons so that they will mature into powerful adults.

Dragon City MOD APK

The gameplay in dragon city mod apk is not like that of a typical game; rather, it is enjoyable and full of surprises. You will prepare your dragon kids for combat by training them in a variety of activities and vocations, including nutrition and food, play, and constructing. All of these activities will make your dragon babies more powerful. Orbs, which need to be collected, can be used to perform power boosts and upgrades. As you continue to cultivate them to their greatest potential and prepare them for combat. These dragons, each with their own set of special skills, will compete in the battles against the dragons owned by the other players. Competing against one another while striving to establish who has the superior training. You may establish a name for yourself on the global leaderboard by scoring hits. Enjoy top-tier amusement that goes above and beyond your expectations, complete with a variety of ways to indulge and all presented in stunning visuals, and you will find that you enjoy yourself even more.

Dragon city mod apk

the dragon city mod apk is a different take on the game that comes with its own unique appeal. It provides players with infinite money and coins, as well as endless orbs and everything else they need to be able to upgrade and unlock all premium abilities. In this section, you will be able to hatch and unlock new dragons, improve their powers and skills, train them more effectively, and create their characters using improved skins and additional accessories that you have obtained. Enjoy an ad-free gaming experience with the newest and most premium features while taking advantage of free shopping, which enables you to buy anything from the game store section.

Gather orbs to increase your power.

Users have the ability to acquire orbs, which may be used to improve their dragons' skills and capabilities. Get experience and improve the capabilities of your dragons so that you can engage in the most challenging and exciting battles.

Dragon City MOD APK

Customize your dragons appearance

you will have access to a plethora of weapons, armour, and other items in dragon city to assist you in combat and in the customization of your dragons. With hundreds of different skins, costumes, and tools to choose from, any dragon's appearance can be completely customised.

Fights fought online against other players.

You may engage in spectacular online battles against gamers from all over the world with the dragon city mod apk. Play with your dragons and fight other players earning your name in the multiplayer gaming. Participate in the fights that have been meticulously designed to make the experience more enjoyable and exciting for you.

Uncover a plethora of different dragons.

Incredible gameplay awaits you in this game, in which you will be able to hatch dragons, each of which will have their own set of exceptional powers. Unlock and hatch a large number of dragons, each of which possesses a unique combination of natural attributes and power.

Dragons should be bred and trained.

Dragon city mod apk gives you access to a powerful gameplay, in which you can breed your dragons once you've hatched them out of their eggs. Train your dragons and get them to the point where they can compete effectively against other players in the various game styles.

Dragon City MOD APK


you may discover the engaging gameplay of dragon city mod apk by downloading it to your android device and engaging in combat with dragons and other online gamers. You will get to enjoy more fierce bouts against other online players as you progress through the game and unlock new levels. Plenty of quality features and functions, excellent tools, and great design accessories in abundance. Take advantage of the wonderful fun that is right at your fingertips, and thanks to the upgraded version, you will now have access to an infinite supply of money and coins.

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