Download Beatstar MOD APK v27.0.8.570 [Menu, Always Perfect, High Score]

Space Ape.

19 April 2023 (6 months ago)

App Name Beatstar
Latest Version v27.0.8.570
Last Updated 19 April 2023
Publisher Space Ape.
Requirements Android 6.0
Category Music
Size 190 MB
Google Playstore
4.9 Rating (10)


beatstar mod apk is fantastic for a simple portrait-oriented rhythm game. Featuring western chart toppers which are often difficult to find due to insane licensing costs, the game is filled with monetization for various things. The main negative aside from that is the addition of ads, which were absent for a good portion of the game's life. If you can put up with the freemium model, then this game is worth playing. Gorgeous game! Music is in perfect sync, maps are well made, and visuals are mesmerizing. Great choice of songs, with the option of suggestions to add some in the future. The issue, though, is that we cannot play songs when the case slots are full. One of the best mobile games you will play, you can progress efficiently without spending money or having to watch ads incessantly. Ads are used to incentivize quicker progression, but they can be opted out of. You can spend money to unlock songs, but you can also earn them. Superb rhythm game, love the sound, the visual effects, and the progression system - everything, except for the fact that you can only play a limited amount of times each time you log on.

Beatstar MOD APK

You are rewarded with points each time you complete a level, and when you reach a predetermined score, you unlock a chest that contains fresh tunes to play. On the other hand, if you use up all three of the available slots, you won't be able to play again until one of the boxes is unlocked. It's a pretty darn good rhythm game app, with a varied song selection, a nice progression system, and great little things like the ability to offset your sound delay in the game's settings. There are a few things in beatstar mod apk that could be improved, such as the inability to purchase specific songs that you want. My biggest pet peeve, on the other hand, is the lag spikes that can occur in the middle of a song; if it is a daily or event song, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it, and it completely spoils both the song as a whole and my desire to play it.

Beatstar mod apk

beatstar mod apk is very addicting. The songs are amazing and there are so many! However, i have noticed that the more i get into the game, the more bugs it starts to have. For example, when trying to swipe on a note, it sometimes reads as a tap. Or when watching an ad to play a song, it doesn't always let me play the song; it keeps kicking me out of the song. The same happens when opening a case - i open one and get no cards in return. This is by far the best piano app i've played. I had no problems with ads before, and it didn't crash too much either. The music selection is great; kudos for that! However, there are now users having problems with ads; there are too many of them and it seems that for every game you finish, there are ads. So here this mod version is to sort out all your issues and offers you incredible experience playing the game. Enjoy premium modes and songs all for free and blocked ads with free upgrades to enjoy.

Challenges and events

beatstar mod apk is a lot of fun; it has excellent tunes, a difficult gameplay, and some interesting events and other incentives. It's a really fun mobile music game that pushes you to your limits and makes you want to keep playing more. They offer a great variety of tunes, but when i try to swipe on the arrow notes, it only works about half the time. This is frustrating because the app has a great range of music. The challenge, the level of difficulty  everything about it is absolutely right. At first, it seemed simple, other than the fact that it's simple to miss an ideal and the flashing, but later on, the tiles that required you to slide in particular directions made it feel quite challenging. It's really cool that you can still enjoy playing the game without having to pay anything, despite the fact that the programme contains in-app purchases;

Beatstar MOD APK

awesome songs to play

beatstar mod apk is just amazing; it has a gameplay that is engaging, fluid, and straightforward; a song pool that is rather substantial; and it is compatible with free-to-play models; the only thing it lacks is a motivation to keep playing your favorite songs after you have already mastered them. The most recent patch provided us with precisely that by introducing deluxe versions of the songs; a very enjoyable mobile music game that not only presents a challenge but also compels the player to continue playing. But, when i swipe on the arrow notes, it only registers about half of the time, despite the fact that they have an incredible catalog of music. Other than that, it's an incredible game, and you should absolutely play it if you have the chance. Because both the sound and the images are executed so skillfully, i would recommend this programme in place of others, such as piano tiles. You can tell that a lot of work and effort went into producing this game because it features the actual music, and those songs have such a high quality.

Genres and picturesque visuals

beatstar is without a doubt one of the very best piano games you will ever play; the visuals are incredible, and you have the ability to select which musical genres you would like to play the most or unlock; however, if you change your mind about which genres you want to play, you can always go back and unlock them. In contrast to some other piano games, this one provides you with access to a wider variety of music and does not restrict you to a predetermined playlist of songs.

Beatstar MOD APK


beatstar mod apk being a classic piano tile game with a decent selection of new and old songs, neatly sorted into genres to help you earn your favorites. Though initially puzzling, the presentation is professional. The tactile audio triggers when interacting with the ui greatly tidy up the experience. No advertisements, but minor in-app buy pressure. The best music game, with optional commercials for undeserved rewards. You can get into the game because the music is smooth and rhythmic. Beats piano tiles! There's a learning curve, but it's not hard, and finishing your first song flawlessly is extremely rewarding!

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